Best Money Making Business Ideas for Women Who Craft by Yocheved Bat-Imedt

If you are someone who is good at any type of craft from knitting to woodworking or from card making to jewelry making then the idea of making money from your craft is sure to appeal. Let's take a look at a few of the best money-making business ideas that can help you to earn from your craft.

You may have thought that the best way to sell your hand crafted items would be through having a stall at your local craft market. However, this would limit your marketplace severely to only people who visit that particular market. Would it not be better if you could sell your craft products online via the internet and gain a whole world of potential customers?

Of course you could set up your own e-commerce website selling your goods. This would involve selecting and buying the best domain name for your store, buying web hosting, designing and creating your website and getting a payment processor and shopping cart e-commerce system. You would either need to learn how to do this yourself or pay someone a considerable amount to do it for you. A much cheaper and easier alternative would be to use one of the existing online craft marketplace sites.

Online Marketplace for Handmade Products

One of the best known and most popular online marketplaces for handmade products is Etsy. You can set up and customize your own store on Etsy in a few minutes. Although the site is US-based you can have an Etsy shop of your own wherever you live in the world and the site attracts customers from all over the world who are looking for handmade craft items.

Each time you list a product for sale on Etsy it will cost you $0.20 plus when you sell an item you will pay a small percentage as a transaction fee. Etsy's fees are generally far less than you would pay for selling on eBay plus there is the advantage that people visiting the site and your store are looking particularly to buy handmade craft products.

Another site similar to Etsy is MakeSellBuy. This is a UK site although it can be used worldwide. This is a relatively new site and at the moment there are no fees to sell your products.

Your Own Craft Marketplace Site the Easy Way

Perhaps you would prefer your own website to sell your crafts and make money online but are not quite ready to go through the time or expense involved of setting it up yourself. You might like to try somewhere like djdoodle which is a website building and hosting service especially for crafters and small businesses. Their services include an integrated shopping cart as well as lots of customizable templates to make your site look great, for around $20 a month. Once you belong to the djdoodle community you can make use of all their facilities such as online forums, craft shows and craft magazines.

Whatever method you decide is the best money-making business idea for you to make money online selling your crafts there are plenty of ways available for you to do this on the internet. Just spend some time doing some online business research and you are sure to find the perfect business idea for you.

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