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Six Overlooked Freelance Writing Niches

When you first begin as a freelance writer your whole business plan is about landing clients. You bid on projects that you do not find appealing just to gain experience. In fact, when you first begin freelance writing you are willing to do whatever it takes to build that portfolio and pay your bills.

The good news about this chaotic method is that by accepting any type of writing assignment in the beginning, you develop a writing style. You may find that you enjoy blog writing instead of content pieces. You may discover that you love technical writing or composing reports. You may learn that research papers and medical studies hold a lot of interest to you, and writing these assignments is your preference.

This is when you really begin to earn a living as a freelance writer.

Having a niche writing business is the most lucrative way to earn a living as a freelance writer. It is amazing how many people will search for a writer that specifically writes in one style or for one industry. Freelancers that can offer a specialty will succeed.

Most writers, however, often overlook the follow six niche categories that could provide them with a very prosperous writing business:

1. Grant Writing. Organizations of all sizes, and from all industries, often seek monetary assistance from the government or private industries in the form of grants. Grant writing is a very specific and technical type of writing style. You must be very organized and specific when writing out a grant. Grants require research and time to complete and the freelance writer who accepts these types of jobs should bill accordingly.

2. Resume and Cover Letters. In an economy where there is so much competition for jobs, having a top-notch resume may be the only chance a person has to land an interview. Many freelance writers specialize in this service on a local level as well as offer the services online. The great news is there is never a shortage of work for this type of writing.

3. Employer Handbooks And Other Documents. Many businesses want company-specific paperwork created for their business, but do not have the time to implement this type of work. Small business is usually the largest customer for this type of writing service. You can offer to create employment packages, employee handbooks, inter-office forms, and other business related paperwork for companies all over the world. Many foreign companies will hire American writers to provide this service when they look to expand into the U.S.

4. Instruction Pamphlets. Almost every product that is sold on the market comes with an instructional manual or sheet. These pamphlets often need drawn instructions, so writers must consider this when they are opting for this type of work.

5. Translation Services. As the world becomes a smaller place, the need for translating text into different languages becomes an increasing need. If you are fluent in more than one language you can provide this service to businesses and individuals around the world.

6. Report Writer. This niche is very broad, and a writer has the opportunity to create a niche within the niche. Report writing may include everything from corporate earnings reports to case studies for an investigational product. This area of freelance writing has limitless opportunities.

There are many other niche markets for freelance writers that have not been included on this list. Content writing, blog writing, product reviews, and marketing materials are just a few others that can be used as a specialty. The trick to being successful is finding the style of writing you enjoy most, and making it a profitable business for yourself.

Anne Horan is a freelance writer and Co-Founder of [the website www.keyboard-ninjas.com cannot be found]. This site is dedicated to providing free information on how to work from home. For more information and tips about freelance writing and other Internet income opportunities, please visit the site listed above.

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