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How to Make a Simple Animated Banner in Flash CS3

A simple animated banner

If you want to make an animated banner, this tutorial will show you how using Adobe Flash using Actionscript 2.0.

Make a new document

1. Open up Adobe Flash, and make a new document. Modify the document by pressing Command+J for mac, Ctrl+J for PC. In the options, make the size for the banner 468 wide x 60 height (this is the web standard size of a banner), then make the background any color that you want, and click OK. For this tutorial, it will be black.

Make a layer called cirle

2. Go to your layers, and label the first one whatever it is that you want the first animation to be. In this tutorial, it will be a circle, so the layer itself will be called "circle". Move your mouse to the rectangular tool, click then hold it in order to bring up the menu, and choose the oval tool, then release the mouse. Move to the banner, and create a circle of any size. In this tutorial, the size is pretty big so that only a little bit of the circle will be seen within the banner, and the dimensions are 175.5 x 175.5.

The convert to symbol box

3. Now that you have the circle made, press F8 in order to bring up the convert to symbol box. Click on graphic, then name the symbol "circle" then press OK. You now have made a symbol that you can animate. Go to your layers area, and move the mouse over to the 5th frame, and press F6 (mac and PC). This will create a keyframe that has the circle in the exact same spot. Click back on the 1st frame, then move over to your circle, and click it. We will now make it a fade in animation.

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