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Inkscape - How to Add a New Node

To add a new node on a segment use the Insert new nodes button on the Edit path nodes tool control bar. These steps assume that you have already drawn a segment e.g. using the Bezier Curves and straight lines tool.

1. Click on the Edit path nodes tool button Edit path nodes tool button and then click on the segment to select the segment.

Selected segment

2. Drag a box around the segment (or two adjacent nodes on the segment) to select both nodes.

Selected nodes

3. Click on the Insert new nodes button Insert new nodes button on the tool bar to insert a new node between the two selected nodes.

Segment with new node

Clicking on the Insert new nodes button with three nodes selected will add two new nodes to the segment between the three selected nodes. Clicking on the Insert new nodes button with four nodes selected will add three new nodes to the segment between the four selected nodes, and so on.

Set node type

Immediately after creating a new node, while it's still selected, you may as well click on the menu button to change it to a corner node, which is more flexible than the default symmetric node, which can be used to avoid kinks in your multi-segment lines.

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