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Eight Step Guide to Generating an Affiliate Income

Okay - So you recently discovered that you would like to start making money online but:

You rather not pay the expenses - you are down on your luck and don't have the funds to pay
You rather not create a website because of all the hassle
PPC, SEO and CPL are all internet acronyms that you rather not learn or be bothered with
You just want to find a quick and easy way to make a few bucks.

Does this sound like you? Good - Because I'm about to discuss the easiest way to making money online. And best of all, it's FREE.

After this there's not going to be any extra clicks, or clicks referring you somewhere else - this is a see-through honest method that has been proven through research and the trial of error of others. However, remember the old saying? "Nothing works if you don't take action!" Even if you are not very motivated a few clicks a day on your part is all that is needed to start seeing some results. The more clicks you put in the more results you'll see.

Simply follow this guide step-by-step and soon enough you'll be mailing me to talk about your success story.

Finding a Niche Product

ClickBank - an affiliate network

1. Go to ClickBank.com and sign up - make sure choose an affiliate ID that can be easily remember because you'll be using it quite often

2. Weight loss, internet marketing, dating and muscle building are the top four income generating niches on Clickbank.

3. Carefully go through the list to find products that you are interested in promoting.

4. Select the ones of interest and click promote. Hint: Sorting products by "Gravity" is recommended.

5. A pop-up screen will appear with the two types of links that you can use to promote the offer.

6. Simply copy the links and place them into a word document. Make sure to save the file in a place and under a name that's easily remembered.

7. Now that you have a product you're ready to start making money online in the easiest way you ever thought possible.

Promoting Your Niche Product


1. Go to Twitter to create a niche account that is relative to the product niche you selected at Clickbank. Make sure to use a username that will draw attention. Example: FitnessNut21 is the name of my weight loss niche account on Twitter. Or you can choose to be real like I did with my affiliate marketing account: TambaJFoyah

2. Go to Istockphoto.com and get the image of a sexy guy or girl to use as your profile image. Research shows that those kinds of profiles attract more followers.

3. Use a catchy phrase as your description to tell your followers what you're about.

4. Remember that affiliate link you saved in the word document? Well retrieve it, go to the website Tiny.cc to shorten it and then use it as the website link for your account.

5. Research someone who is influential in your niche, find their twitter account and begin to follow their followers like crazy. Click on the follower's account then click "Follow". Research shows that 1 in 4 people you follow will follow you back without even looking at your page.

6. RT (Retweet) their (the famous person) tweets and add the shortened affiliate link into your retweet.

7. Find an interesting fact in your niche, tweet it and add the affiliate link.

8. Reply to what others tweet with a helpful, relevant response once again adding your link to the tweet.

9. Tweet something controversial, NOT outrageous about your niche and add the link to your tweet. The idea here is that any interaction on twitter yields access to your affiliate link. After all generating clicks on the link is your first step to getting paid.

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