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How to Write Your Author BIO

At its core a book is a letter, albeit a long letter, from you to your reader. If you received a letter wouldn't you want to know who it was from. Along with revealing more than just the name of who the book is from, an author's BIO describes the writer's qualifications and motivation for writing the book.

It is not easy for some authors to write their BIO, sometimes it's more difficult to write their BIO than it is to write the book because it's more personal. Listed below are some things that should be in your author's BIO.

1. The introductory sentence. The easiest way to write a BIO's introductory sentence, and the entire BIO, is to write in the third person. "Jim Shoe is a freelance writer ..."

2. List your qualifications for writing the book. Note your degree of education if it's related in any way to the topic of the book. List any training or certifications that are related in any way to the topic of the book. Describe any experience that you have with the subject of the book.

3. List any other books and articles that you've written. If you're a prolific writer you'll need to narrow this down to some combination of mainly books, mainly stuff written recently, and mainly stuff related to the topic of this book.

4. Explain why you've written this book. What problems does it solve? What can the reader expect to gain from this book?

5. Give the reader some personal information. Your geographic location, but just country and city, not enough so that the reader can show up at your home. Tell the reader about your family; a beautiful wife, two young children, and a German Shepard dog. Don't give enough information so that they can identify your family members. Tell the reader about any hobbies you have, they don't have to be related to the topic of this book.

7. Provide contact information that will allow them to give you comments about your book. This might be a blog or website URL, or an email address created specifically for this book. It should definitely not be your home phone number or your home address.

A book without an author's BIO is missing a critical component. But some authors find it difficult to write their BIO. Follow the steps listed above to make the process much easier.

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