Extra Profits at Your Craft Show Booth by Natalie Goyette

I would say the best way to do this is to have a few extras in your craft show booth that aren't full crafts. What do I mean by this? Well, below are a couple of ideas that you can use to improve the overall bottom line in your craft show booth:

Pieces for your craft - You make and sell your craft and it might be a popular craft at that. This means that there could be others out there that take part in your craft as well. For example: if you had a booth that had crocheted items, why not have a few needles, some yarn samples and maybe a few other odds and ends that you can purchase inexpensively, and then sell at a little bit of a profit. People who enjoy the same craft as you might not only buy your crafts, but they might be inspired by your work and want to do their own - so give them the chance by providing them with a few materials!

Items that compliment your craft - These are a few things that can work with your crafts. Many crafts are used for a certain purpose, so why not provide that purpose in your booth as well? For example: if you make custom birdfeeders, why not sell some of the bird seed that people might consider using in their feeder? It makes sense that you can make some extra money by up-selling the bird seed when you have already sold the bird feeder.

Trinkets related to crafting - It doesn't always have to be something related to the craft you are doing. It can be something that is just craft-related. You can offer threads and needles and poster boards and all sorts of items that you think would fit within the context of your craft show booth.

The reason this is such good business decision for your craft show booth is because it isn't like the rest of your crafts. Normally, you have to buy materials, take the time to build or make your craft and that all costs you money (or time, which technically costs money, in the form of wages).

With the extras in your booth, all you have to do is purchase them (and purchase many of them at a bulk price!) and you put a mark up on them and voila - you have an instant profit. You have very little overhead, it takes you no time to put the items together, so any time you make a sale - you have boosted your overall profit!

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