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Small Things That Make Craft Show Profits Bigger

Of course, the small things related to your craft are important, but the small things related to craft show booth, the appearance of the staff inside the booth, and how you interact with customers all has something to do with the overall success of the sales at your craft show.

Here are a few of the "small things" that you can do in order to add a little more to your craft show success:

Pay attention to appearance - That means everything from your booth to you! If your craft show booth is in disarray, you aren't going to attract as many customers the way you would if you had your booth neatly arranged and in order. But, one thing that is often overlook as well, is your appearance at a craft show. Look like a professional! You don't have to dress in a suit or skirt, but having a neat and presentable appearance is going to help people form a better first impression of you - and ultimately your crafts.

Interact with customers - Some people shudder at the thought of doing any more than just taking people's money at a craft show. No talking and nobody gets hurt, right? Wrong! You need to engage customers in conversation and show them that you care about the purchases they are making. Adding that extra personal touch is going to pay huge dividends to your bottom line in the craft show business. Most people enjoy speaking to someone friendly, and are more inclined to buy from that person in the end.

Spice up the displays - Sure you can just pile your crafts up on a table and have a free-for-all as the customers come in. You can also just set up your craft show booth with a table... and a chair. Or... you can put a little bit of thought into how you are going to attract, retain and then eventually convert the craft show masses into sales! Give people something that sparks an interest or desire to go into your booth. That is what this is all about - getting people in to talk with you and look at your crafts - so you should be making the appeal from the outside of the booth right through to the inside!

Pay attention to the small things in your craft show business, and you will see the huge difference in your bottom line at the end of the show. It builds trust with customers, shows off the best side of your business and ultimately increases your overall craft show profit margin!

Natalie Goyette shows you how to make your craft show business profitable in her best selling ebook: Craft Show Success Secrets. Visit her site: [craftshowsuccess.com can't open file].

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