Using Artistic Flair For Your Craft Show Crafts by Natalie Goyette

While most craft show enthusiasts will consider - to some degree - that their creation is a piece of art, others consider art to be things like paintings, drawings, or other art. What are some common forms of art that can be popular at craft shows? Here are a few ideas to help you succeed selling your masterpieces at craft shows.

Painting - Yes, that beautiful landscape drawing might just be the ticket to successful craft show sales. There are some tremendous advantages to using paintings in a craft show: you can always make prints of popular pictures, you often have several different ones to display, they don't cost a tremendous amount to product (except time), and you can usually sell popular paintings for a decent dollar. For the aspiring full-time artist, this might be a great way to get your name in front of people.

Photography - Millions of people love to take pictures. Millions more like to look at those images. Create the right picture - the one that create vivid memories or emotions in the people at the craft shows, and you'll likely have a sale. Once again, the costs to produce the pictures aren't high, it is an enjoyable way to spend time, you can reproduce thousands of quality pictures at a low price, and a nice 10X12 photograph (with frame) might go for $40 to $50.

Mosaic art - This type of art is becoming extremely popular, and while it might be slightly more labor intensive than the above two art forms, you can often sell your pieces for more. Depending on the base used for the mosaic art the price for a piece of work could top $100. If you create the topside of a birdbath in mosaic art, or a small bedside table top - you are looking at a nice return on your investment. Creativity and imagination are the key to this artistic endeavor.

I think the beauty of art will always be appealing. You cannot walk into any home across the continent where the walls are bare. Paintings, photographs and other forms of art adorn the walls, the cabinets and the tables around the home. A large market exists for the artist with the right flair and the eye for what appeals to today's craft show goer!

Take time to tap into your creative side, and you will watch your revenue swell, and your bottom line grow even bigger!

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